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lowerisk-web-headerLoweRisk, a point of care decision support software that integrates patient history with proposed treatment and delivers an evidence based rate projections for key.

The LoweRisk system was created by three Philadelphia physicians to improve healthcare quality and safety by presenting the best currently published evidence based alternatives for minimizing patient-specific risk associated with care delivery. The system acquires and integrates data from multiple sources to present the published risks of treatment alternatives on a clear, simple dashboard supporting the clinical decisions of the entire healthcare delivery team.

Studies have proven that experience and tested practices can give guidance for future decisions thereby producing risk exposure. A system that can support the healthcare decision making process serves as a tool for physicians that when coupled with experience can act as a support system that has shown to improve outcomes.

Due to severe penalties for errors, the healthcare arena has left little time and no room for error in scheduling procedures and pre/post patient encounters. A system that utilizes clinical data needed to support decisions has arrived at a time when errors have no place in modern healthcare.

The company was self-funded by the four principals. LoweRisk is currently in talks to partner with Thomas Jefferson University.

You can read more about LoweRisk here.

You can read more about the LoweRisk founders here.

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