JTE Multimedia, founded in 2007, is an innovative multimedia company based outside of Philadelphia, in Conshohocken, PA. This privately owned investment and multimedia group that focuses on medical and consumer information.  Types of projects cover a wide variety of aspects in the medical publishing industry including print publications, online “open access” journals and cutting edge technological innovations and is always looking for opportunities to expand, grow and transform.

JTE Multimedia has a strong history within its field. Their first acquisition was the medical publishing arm of McGraw Hill. This acquisition included the medical journals Postgraduate Medicine, Hospital Practice, and the Physician and Sportsmedicine.

pgm hp psm

Over the next several years JTE Multimedia was able to increase the US and global recognition of these three publications. This was achieved through maintaining a high quality of standard for article submissions, rigorously peer reviewing the submissions, and publishing the best research in the various research fields. All three of these iconic and improved journals have recently been divested to Informa limited in order to expand their global imprint.

In addition to publishing these medical journals, JTE Multimedia published special reports and handbooks targeted towards particular organizations or healthcare focuses. These special reports were often utilized at conferences to great success.

In 2011 JTE Multimedia acquired Collier’s and Saturday Review. Both magazines were relaunched to target the adults aged 55-90 with print and online distribution. Each magazine had a heavy focus on research. Collier’s focused on investigative and political reporting. Saturday Review–Drug Trials focused on clinical trial research, with an emphasis on inconclusive or negative outcomes.

colliers sat review

As our society continues to be more and more integrated with technology, it is imperative to keep up with the changing tides. With that in mind JTE Multimedia led the charge on several fronts to keep up to be a leader of innovations in the publishing industry.

ResearchShare is an iPad app created by JTE Multimedia that allows medical professionals to safely and securely have discussions and share notes while viewing articles published by JTE Multimedia. This app is a revolutionary for delivery and collaboration of medical research. Doctors can quickly access the latest articles. Researchers can comfortably and safely discuss articles.


JTE Multimedia has also partnered with ShareCare, a social Question and Answer forum created by Dr. Oz, Oprah Winfrey, and Jeff Arnold. Sharecare is a website geared towards helping people find individualized health tips, exercise and nutrition programs, and guidance from top health experts. By partnering with JTE Multimedia, Sharecare utilizes the premiere research as published by JTE Multimedia.

Most recently, JTE Multimedia has played a key role in the creation of LoweRisk, LLC, an evidence-based software designed for doctors to assess patients by analyzing up-to-date medical literature. LoweRisk analyzes patient history, physical examination, imaging, and lab results to output the best strategies to minimize risk. Information outputted from the software can be shared with providers, patients, facilities, and payers.



In 2013, JTE Multimedia published The Infertility Challenge by Drs Ellen Miller and Eileen Smith-Cavros. This book addresses multiple options for overcoming infertility that can be applied to diverse situations. The book, available in Kindle format, presents information on medical treatments for infertility, options for nontraditional family units, and adoption. This book empowers readers to consider solutions that may seem to be “outside the box” as viable ways to begin a family.

the infertility challenge

JTE Multimedia introduced a flashcard set for the USMLE Step 1 test. The Highest yield Flashcards for the USMLE Step 1: 2014 are a set of flashcards designed to help medical students succeed at the test. The flashcards are designed to help students learn in a variety of ways. Students can read prompts and then answer questions about the prompts. There are “buzz words,” “classic labs,” and “famous figures” that are repeated often on the full color flashcards. All these methods help students link together information in their mind to be better prepared for the USMLE Step 1 test.

usmle step 1

The most recent advancement by JTE Multimedia is the creation of three open-access medical journals. Developments in Clinical Oncology, Journal of Clinical Trial Results, and Metabolic Syndrome and Drug Therapy are all online-focused, open-access journals.

JTE Multimedia has anticipated the impending shift in the perception of medical journals. By making Developments in Clinical Oncology, Journal of Clinical Trial Results, and Metabolic Syndrome and Drug Therapy open-access journals it ensures JTE Multimedia will be a leading voice in the publishing industry. Each of these journals provides healthcare professionals specific, peer-reviewed, and valuable information on the specific topics focused on.

dco jctr msdt

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